InnovaBoard - Innovation Management


A collaborative Innovation Management Platform

Work with your collaborators to identify, evaluate, select, and implement innovative ideas that generate growth and profitability.


Use InnovaBoard's Innovation Campaigns to engage your employees in the innovation process

Identify Ideas

Work with your collaborators to identify and implement innovative ideas that help address an organizational challenge.

Evaluate & Select

Use InnovaBoard's powerful idea evaluation tools to select the ideas with greater value generation potential for your business.


InnovaBoard's task management tools help you implement selected ideas timely and efficiently.

Measure & Improve

Ensure that your innovation efforts align with your business strategy, promote the innovation culture, and measure the innovation performance of your organization.

Align your innovation initiatives with your business strategy.


Collaborators work together in Exploration campaigns to assess the organization's capabilities and discover pain points or opportunities that should be addressed.


Define your business strategic goals, keep them visible to the stakeholders, align them as needed, and measure your progress towards reaching them.

Tactical Planing

Use Innovation Campaigns to build a strategic agenda of innovative projects that help you achieve your business goals.

Innovation campaigns allow participants to collaborate on identifying, evaluating, selecting, and implementing ideas that address an organizational challenge.

Promote collective intelligence by joining thousands of users innovating together to take their organization to the next level

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